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Math Help With Nature 
"Refreshing Math in many ways through 
Nature & Photography"
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I am pleased to present to you my first educational website. I am a disabled veteran & I am currently a graduate candidate student at Southern Connecticut State University pursuing my Master in Education. I believe you will find me to be a dedicated educator who is well qualified to provide the motivation, mentoring, and direction the students need to successfully learn.

My resume will testify to my career successes, and solid commitments to provide students with excellent education. As you will note, I have earned a Bachelor of Science, Associate of Arts-Liberal Arts, and Associate of Science-General Studies earning honors in all degrees. My teaching style is direct, and engaging, yet flexible in responding to constantly changing demands. 

Being a well-rounded educator, I have the opportunity to teach a very diverse group of high school students and college students as well. Such opportunities for the past 6 years have been enhancing my teaching techniques and instructional methods. As a result I have an excellent communications skills, interpersonal, organizational, time management, and leadership skills; furthermore, I have become proficient in developing lessons, differentiating as necessary and assessing individuals, and the class as a whole.

One of my best strengths as an educator is my passion for mathematics, and the use of technology to carry out the lessons in many different models. Also having the ability to explain concepts of math in two languages, and relate mathematics to real world scenarios. These skills have helped me to reach out students with all types of learning styles and disabilities with the help of my educational website: www.mathhelpwithnature.org

About Math Help with Nature

Math Help with Nature is here to offer another creative, and alternative way to learn math with a different approach. There is so much mathematics in nature, that relating concepts learned in a classroom with Mother Nature will help you understand mathematics. " Remember that  MATH is the mother of all sciences." 

Melvin "Mel" Morales
Disabled Veteran
​Graduate Student SCSU
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I'm committed to assist all students achieve success, with the help from mother "Nature" and Photography..